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Anonymous asked: ok well my teacher knows I like him but ever since he knew he's got closer to me, he gives me better grades than I should get, and touches me subtly basically all those things on the list. He looks at me all the time and we are so close he makes sexual remarks to me etc we flirt so much to the point were you can feel if no one else was there you'd be having sex I just dunno what to do next

It depends on you. Are you willing to wait for him to do the first move, wait until you finish high school or you want to take matters into your own hands right now? ;)

Anonymous asked: Any tips on how to not be obvious about your crush on your teacher?I'm scared to think he knows,I don't want to ruin the friendship.

The thing is, if you think that he knows, then he probably does.
But look at the bright side of it, you’re still his friend and he’s not avoiding you or anything like that. That means that he’s comfortable around you enough not to make it a big deal or drama out of it. 

Anonymous asked: There is a teacher that looks me everytime we got his lessons so deep and long in the eyes, i don't know how i can look him that long in the eyes, but i think to look away too quickly is a sign of lil confidence. and a couple days ago me and two other girls met him in the hallway and talked to him, a friend of mine ask him if he could give me a letter with tasks we got (bc i wasn't there the last lesson) (heknew that!) so he just looked at me and smiled and he gave me two winks :o sry for engli

So cute! ^^
Do you have feelings for him? What happened next? :D

Anonymous asked: do you have any advice on how to catch a teachers attention if you don't hve class with him?

That’s a funny situation if you haven’t talked to him before.
I guess that the most innocent way for that would be getting involved in something related to his subject. That way you can ask for his opinion and it won’t be suspicious. 
But since I’m always for “be yourself”, there’s the other option. Try to catch his stare on hallways and, when you do, smile at him. Little by little, it’ll become natural to say hello for him and you and that’s the second step. After that comes the small talk, and so on… This way is harder and takes much more time, but you won’t have to act something you’re not and you’ll still catch his attention. :)

Anonymous asked: Hi, I have this teacher who I have a major crush on and there's mixed rumours going around about his marriage I whether he's seperated. I don't know. But, majority of the time he seems to be really sad and I want to ask him why but he'd always end up changing the topic. Sometimes he'd stare in to my eyes while in class with the other students for a good 5-10 seconds. And it is intense! I get so shy so I smirk and look away :P How do I really grab his attention?

For starters, keep that eye-contact and make him break it first one time. You can flirt with him the usual way, but since you feel that he’s sometimes really sad I’d suggest you to catch him alone and, after talking about some random school stuff, tell him that lately you have a feeling that he’s different and that you’re wondering is there anything bothering him.
That way it won’t be too obvious, but you’ll still get to know what’s troubling him. :*

Anonymous asked: I have this one class with this one professor that is so hot. We have a nice little relationship and he flirts with all of the students so nothing is a surprise when it comes to him. I'm part of one of his senior classes and I dropped my notebook one class while sitting down and like grumbled "agh fuck me" just in frustration with myself and he mumbled like under his breath "maybe later" and i like burst out laughing and he got embarrassed but no lie i've wanted to do him since i was like 15. TC

Poor man! hahahahaha
Did anyone else hear that besides you?